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3-Gangen Menu

Geniet van ons 3-gangen keuze menu voor maar € 29,50 per persoon!



  • Carpaccio

    Beef carpaccio | Parmesan cheese | sundried tomatoes | capers | pine nuts | pesto dressing

  • Cooking pear

    Gorgonzola | raw ham

  • Salmon

    homemade piccalilly

  • Millefeuille

    chicory | smoked sausage | onions compote | root | quinoa | potato

  • Vegetable tomato soup

    Tomato vegetable soup | meatballs

Main courses

Main courses

  • Grilled steak

    Grilled steak | celeriac cream | pepper sauce

  • Pork tenderloin

    sauerkraut stew | bacon sauce

  • Schnitzel

    fried mushrooms | cream sauce

  • Salmon

    cauliflower cream | mustard sauce

  • Redfish

    sauerkraut | hollandaise sauce



  • Brownie

    white chocolate mousse | baked banana

  • Apple strude

    with cinnamon ice cream

  • Oreo Sandwich

    Vanilla ice cream | Oreo cookies

  • Dame blanche

    Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  • Coffee liquor

    with a liquor of your choice

The dishes of the three course menu can also be ordered seperatly.

Please inform your waiter if you have any dietary requirements or allergies!